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trapny stranky

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je to tu hnus!!!!!!!


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(rgvk@gmail.com, 3. 11. 2007 12:57)

But I thought Al Gore invented the internet ...


(rgvk@gmail.com, 3. 11. 2007 12:56)

But I thought Al Gore invented the internet ...


(qwer@gmail.com, 3. 11. 2007 12:56)

Thanks for your work! Now let's see how you'll interact with all the junk coming from social blogs, social networks, social software and the whole good load from web 2.0 ;) Tough luck on that!


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But I thought Al Gore invented the internet ... <a href=" http://www.webkinzmap1.phpnet.us webkinz "></a>


(asdr@gmail.com, 23. 10. 2007 3:40)

Thanks for making the world a more open space.

Ded Mazai

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(gretty@yahoo.com, 21. 10. 2007 5:50)

Control of information is hugely powerful. In the US, the threat is that companies control what I can access for commercial reasons. (In China, control is by the government for political reasons.) There is a very strong short-term incentive for a company to grab control of TV distribution over the Internet even though it is against the long-term interests of the industry.


(adam@gmail.com, 21. 10. 2007 5:48)

hello YouTube Team, I like the different featured videos by countries but I cannot navigate if I switch to Japanese, Polish, etc. I would like to keep English language (or my mother tongue) even if I change the country. Any possibility of this in the future? Thank you.


(gemonic@gmail.com, 21. 10. 2007 5:48)

But I thought Al Gore invented the internet ...


(owen@aol.com, 20. 10. 2007 23:25)

I'm pretty sure you know very well that the www is the greatest technological creation in modern history. Although I suppose somebody else would have invented it earlier or later if you hadn't, I just wanted to say thank you for having done such incredible pioneer work on a sector that has changed the lives of us all.